Restaurants QR code payment solution

The fastest and safest way to pay in restaurants

How it works?

The customer scans the qr code on the table to get access to the menu.
The "we do not split bills" is over. Without complicated formulas
your customers can split and pay the bill in a 2 clicks.
Split the bill
There is no need to wait for the bill. Just scan and pay in around 20 seconds.
They can tip using Qruto with no need to have cash.
Secure payments, Fast integration, Customer Support.

You can pay with:

Why Qruto?

15 min
Time saving
More tips
20 seg
It takes to pay
More table rotation

Fast Connection

It takes around 40 minutes to get Qruto on your POS
Fast connection
After customizing the qr codes for you, we will send them to your restaurant
QR codes
You can chat with as on Whatsapp in case you still have any doubt.
Technical support

Want Qruto?


What is the commission?

The commission for each payment 1%. There are no other additional fees or charges. The installation is completely free.

Is Qruto an app?

No, so you customers don't have to download anything in order to use Qruto.

What is a QR code for and how to use it?

Each table has an individual QR code and brings the users to the page where they can see, split, pay for the bill or leave tips. To get access to the bill, the have to scan the QR code with the smartphone.

What payment methods does Qruto admit?

All our payment are processed by PayComet. Here you can check all the methods they accept.

Do I pay any integration fee?

The integration with you restaurant is completely free of charge.

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